Beyond Parallel Fitness Community Expands, Embraces CrossFit Enthusiasts; and Introduces 24/7 Gym Access

Pittsburgh, PA. Beyond Parallel Fitness Community is thrilled to announce its official launch, marking a significant expansion of its health and wellness offerings. With a dedicated focus on CrossFit training and the introduction of 24/7 gym access, Beyond Parallel is set to redefine fitness journeys and inspire individuals to achieve their personal best.

Beyond Parallel Fitness Community is more than just a fitness platform; it’s a holistic transformational experience. By combining expert guidance, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to accessibility, we aim to empower individuals to break through fitness barriers and unlock their full potential.

Key Features of Beyond Parallel Fitness Community:

Expert CrossFit Training: Experience personalized CrossFit training plans, technique coaching, and specialized programming tailored to your CrossFit goals, regardless of your level of experience.

CrossFit Workshops and Classes: Access a diverse range of CrossFit workshops and classes, including Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and high-intensity WODs, designed to elevate your CrossFit skills.

24/7 Gym Access: Enjoy the flexibility of round-the-clock gym access, allowing you to work out on your schedule, ensuring fitness fits seamlessly into your life.

Diverse Workout Programs: Functional fitness programs and classes written in-house, designed to move you forward. Stimulating, constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity.

Nutritional Support: Receive expert guidance on Macro-based nutrition and supplementation to fuel your performance and recovery.

Events and Challenges: Participate in CrossFit challenges and community events designed to keep you motivated and accountable.

“Beyond Parallel Fitness Community goes beyond conventional fitness; it’s about exceeding expectations, fostering community, and striving for excellence,” said Ethan Helbig, the visionary behind this transformative community. “We’re excited to welcome CrossFit enthusiasts into our family and provide round-the-clock gym access for an even more comprehensive fitness experience.”

To celebrate these expanded offerings, Beyond Parallel Fitness Community is rolling out exclusive training offers for new members. Embrace the challenge, join our community, and access the fitness experience of a lifetime.

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